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Sex: To master the art of spanking, try these stress-free positions



In order to make sure your spanking sex is good and doesn’t hurt, talk about it first and use safe words, safe materials, and make sure the spankee gets all the cuddles, conversation, etc they need when you’re done.

Here are best positions for you to be a great spanker.

1. Butt bongos

You sit on his lap, lowering yourself onto his boner, then lean all the way down so your hands are on the floor. He lifts your hips or hits your bum, as needed.

Butt bongos


2. Dungeon doggie

Assume the position but put your face down into a pillow so you’ll experience your partner’s touch more strongly. He shuffles stinging strikes with deep thrusts. A well-placed, yet sporadically applied vibrator, will add an infuriatingly pleasurable layer of torment.

Dungeon doggie


3. Handcuffs

Stand up and drape the top half of your body over the surface. Have your guy enter you from behind. He can grab your arms and hold them behind your back like he’s about to put handcuffs on you. This is another great position for anal play or spanking.



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