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Sex: 3 positions you should finish with for an orgasmic grand finale



An orgasm is usually better than not having one and how you finish can also make a big difference. However, having an orgasm in the same position every time you have sex is like having ice cream every time you want dessert.

Here some sweet positions to have that grand finale orgasm you so desire.

1. The miss new booty

This position can actually be more comfortable for orgasm than the doggy style since you equally share the weight of this position. You can use your arms to control some of the movement, or you can let him take control as you hold yourself up. So start by placing your hands on the floor and have him pull your waist so your legs are on either side of his hips.

The miss new booty


2. Getting low

This is a reverse missionary angle and this is good for your climax because it allows for more stimulation of the entire clitoral area. Lie on your back, and have him straddle you while facing your feet and then lift your legs to wrap them around his back. Raise your hips so he can enter you.

Getting low


3. Snuggy

When looking for ultimate pleasure with minimal effort, this is the position to try. It’s got the hotness of doggy with him entering behind you, and you can easily touch your clit while he’s going at it. Just bend at the waist as he stands behind you and enters you from behind. Hot yea? Yes, we know.



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