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Sex: 3 positions you need if he orgasms too quickly



This is a normal situation and it’s totally fine. However, if you’re looking for a few ways to increase the range of your erotic love-making, look no further.

Below are 3 amazing positions to fix this.

1. The oral exam

Switch to a penetrative sex position, have your partner go down on you, using light finger strokes on your clit. Starting with oral takes the pressure off of both of you and you’re more likely to finish, and so he’s less likely to stress about letting you down if he orgasms immediately later on.

The oral exam


2. The dominating doggy

Let your partner kneel back on his legs, he won’t be penetrating you as deeply. This way, the sensation isn’t as intense as other rear-entry positions. With your legs wrapped around his back, you can control the speed and rhythm to better prolong your erotic love-making sesh.

The dominating doggy


3. The bend press

Slow him down and establish a feel-good rhythm that won’t be over before it started. Plus, you’ve got a couple hands free for whatever else you would like to do down there.

The bend press


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