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Sex: 3 positions for every room in the house



Sit at the very edge and have your partner guide the warm water stream between your legs so it flows over your clit. Try this and more in every room in your house.

Below are some steamy positions for every room in the house.

1. The sitting room

Parlour trick


Parlour trick

Curl into a lil’ ball sideways onto an armchair. Your knees/limbs will be resting on one of the arms, your face is down on the seat cushion. Push your legs together for a super tight fit and angle yourself so he’s hitting a deep spot on the bottom wall of your V. Press a strong vibe on your clit and you can both enjoy the rumbling vibes.

2. The hallway

My door jamb


Make quickie standing sex actually workable by standing in a doorway and using the door frame for leverage. Back to one side, foot up on the other so you can adjust for height differences plus not fall on your ass.

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