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Tall Men Get In Here! 5 sex positions for couples with a height difference



The height differences can throw a twist on sexual relationships. Just to try something as simple as a kiss you have to lift her off the floor or bend all the way down which can be frustrating.

Things can even get more annoying while you are trying out a sex position in the bedroom.

We know for sure you can’t do anything to change your size, but you can definitely solve the sex problem. Below are 5 positions perfect for short women and tall men.

1. The doggy style

Slide into her from behind while she kneels on all fours, bringing her hips and knees up. You might even enjoy it while standing as she places herself on the bed, which puts her vagina on the same level as your penis. You also get a great view of her from behind, which is just perfect.

The doggy style


2. The reverse cowgirl

The reverse cowgirl works well for partners of different sizes. Get her to straddle you and ride you while facing your feet. It’s also interesting if you have a big D because it allows you to stimulate her G-spot while she controls the depth of penetration.

The reverse cowgirl


3. The table top

You don’t have to do this on the table, any platform will do just fine. Enter her while she’s sitting or lying at the edge of a table, kitchen slab, office desk, counter, or your bed. This one works perfectly because it puts you both on the same level, and allows for the face-to-face action you so much love.

The table top


4. The spooning

The spooning, otherwise known as the lazy sex move offers a great opportunity for you to have easy access to her clitoris which we know she will love so much.

The spooning


5. The snake

Lie over her and thrust from behind while she lies on her stomach, try with a pillow under her pelvis to improve the direction of penetration. This position allows her to play with her clit for maximum orgasmic pleasure.

The snake


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