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Sex: 3 sweet positions to try if it is painful



Sex can be painful for all sorts of reasons which includes medical conditions and also due to psychological issues.

There are also times your body might not naturally produce enough lubrication or not just found the positions that work best for you.

Below are some positions to help you deal with painful sex.

1. C-stroke

Have him lie on his side while facing him with one knee bent between you, the other over his back. Hold onto the base of his penis, reducing his length while keeping his sensation of being fully inside you.



2. The tilt-a-whirl

Lie flat on your belly and spread your legs a little wider than shoulder length. This angle makes him feel amazing but never feels like you’re being pierced by his gigantic penis. If you need to back off a little, tilt your hips down.



3. Happy ending

Let yourself relax, slowly spreading your legs as you get more into it. Then slowly slide back, bending your knees and lifting your ass up until you’re on his lap, arms still stretched out in front of you and legs on either side of him. Place his hand on your clit while you rock your hips and ride him erotically.

Happy ending


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