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Impossible! Meet the Miracle Baby Who Refused to Die After Being Stabbed 14 Times and Buried Alive


A little baby boy has miraculously clung on to life despite being given a most horrendous treatment.
The boy was reportedly stabbed 14 times and even buried alive in a shallow grave in Thailand but refused to die until he was rescued.
He then went on to make a miraculous recovery. And after being taken to a local orphanage on surviving his ordeal, he is now set for a dream life after being adopted by a Swedish couple.
According to Daily Mail, the seven-month- old boy, named Aidin, had been dumped face down in an eight-inch grave in Khon Kaen
province in Thailand in February, just days after he was born.
He had suffered horrendous knife injuries before he was placed in the ground alive and left for dead. However, passing cattle herder Kachit Krongyut saw a tiny foot
sticking out of the ground under a
eucalyptus tree.
She then heard the boy’s cries and realised that it was a baby buried under the tree. The 53-year-old then began frantically digging up the soil with her hands and discovered the injured newborn.

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