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How To Know If You Are The Main Lover or pass time lover


What is your place in the life of your partner? Are you the main lover,the fall back lover,the get back lover or pass time lover?

Yes we may see ourselves wanting another for a fling but may end up marrying each other but at any point in time in any relationship we find ourselves, we are either one of these options to our bae(Before anyone else) and it is very important to know your place and there is one simple way to know but before i let it out i would like to explain in brief what each one means.

1.The main lover: This needs no explanation..just as it sounds, you are the one and only person your partner desires most and would do whatever possible to prove that to you.

2.The fall back lover:This is not a nice one.You are the type your partner toys with his or her emotions.Your partner believes that he or she can leave you and reconcile with you at will because you are the type that will easily take such back because you are in love.

3.The get back lover:Many people unknowingly fall into this category.A get back lover is the one that is used to spite an ex or to fill the gap after a heartbreak and while the other party still loves the ex,you will gladly be led on believing you have found your heartthrob just for that person to reconcile with the ex and leaves your stranded.

4.The pass time lover:Just as the name suggests, this person is not really into you but due to the urge to be with someone for the sake of intimacy,financial needs or companion decides to go into an affair with you pending when he or she finds the desired person..Booty call partners are good example of pass time lovers.


There is a simple way to know if you are the main lover or any other type of lover…just be sensitive to know this…
You don’t have to force anyone to have affection for you and you don’t have to fight for the attention of your partner..if its not given to you freely and effortlessly then that person is not worth the stress so If you ever see yourself fighting for the love, affection,attention of your partner then look no further, you are definitely not the main lover…Please work it out or quit

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