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[Story] I slept with my driver just to have children for my husband




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I am not a loose woman. I am just
a woman who loves her husband
very much and didn’t want to
lose him. I just did what I had to
do to save my marriage even
though I feel guilty sometimes. It was not easy but I slept with my
driver so that I could give my
husband a child, but instead, God
gave me twins, a boy and a girl. I was married to Philip for eight
years. We had no child. “The
worst was that I never got
pregnant even for a day.” His
mother became so impatient
that she started breathing down my neck as she gave me no
breathing space at all. She
moved in to live with us and
practically made my life
unbearable – in my matrimonial
home. I cannot drink water and drop the cup because she must
insult me. It got to a point that
she stopped eating my food
because, according to her, I
should be feeding my children so
that they would grow healthy and stronger and not her.
“Monica, if you had children, you
are supposed to be feeding them
with all these food so that they
would grow healthy and strong. I
am getting old so I don’t need all these nonsense you call food.
Take them away and give me
grandchildren,” she would
scream. She also stopped talking
to me, however, the only time
she talks to me is when she wants to insult me and remind
me of how less a woman I was. Philip and I love each other so
much that he stood by me
despite all his mother did or said
to frustrate me to leave him. We
visited different specialists and
they all certified us medically alright. I have visited churches,
held vigils and even fasted for
days, drank various concoctions
of varied colours and
combinations all in the name of
getting pregnant so that my mother-in-law can stop
humiliating me yet I couldn’t get
pregnant. At a point, I stopped coming out
of my bedroom because it was
obvious my mother-in-law had
vowed to frustrate me out of
her son’s home. Most times, I
just stayed in my bedroom and either cries, pray, think and
then sleep off because I was
scared of his mother confronting
me. To make things worse, she
sent away the house help
because she said, “You don’t need any house help because
there are no children to take
care of. Take care of your house
yourself and stop wasting my
son’s hard earned money.” It was just the three of us living
at home, “God, I was always so
terrified even when I hear her
voice from a distance.” It is so
agonizing to say this but my
husband usually pleads with me to come out of the room and
this makes him feel so sad
especially those times I refuse
because I don’t want to come
face-to-face with his mother.
When her troubles became too unbearable, Philip practically
threw her out of the house just
to make me feel safe and
comfortable in my own home. Even after she had left, I could
still hear those insults in my
head so I decided to take a bold
step – I seduced and slept with
our driver, Okon. Okon is a young
man in his late 20’s. He is a graduate of Mechanical
Engineering but because he could
not get a good paying job, he
opted to become a driver. I
promised to get him a good job if
he sleeps with me just once but I never disclosed the reason for
this. However, Okon thought I
just wanted to cheat on my
husband with him. I planned it
during my ovulation so that I
could get pregnant, although it was not easy sleeping with
another man. I knew I was
betraying my husband but I saw
it as a necessary action. After a
month, I discovered that I was
pregnant. So, as promised I got a job for Okon in a friend’s
company where he started
earning almost N150, 000 per
month. When I told Philip that I
was pregnant, he was so
excited. “Sweetheart, God has finally answered our prayers. I
am pregnant,” I revealed. When I was five months
pregnant, he informed his
mother and she immediately
returned to the house. She
pampered me like a baby and
also took good care of me. I never wanted to do any scan
but my mother-in-law insisted.
When I finally did the scan, it
showed I was pregnant with
twins, a boy and a girl. My
mother- in-law and husband were extremely happy while I
felt much fulfilled. “God thank
you for compensating me with a
set of twins after eight years of
barrenness,” I muttered. When the twins were born, the
girl took ill for some time. It took
a while before she fully
recovered after several
treatments and this got me
worried. Philip and I insisted that bl0d test be carried out on
them to determine their bl0
group and genotype and then
came the shocking revelation.
The doctor informed us that
although their bl0*d groups are both A, however, their
genotypes are AS for the girl
and AA for the boy meanwhile
Philip and I are both AA. I wanted
the ground to open and swallow
me up because I felt Philip would ask questions but to my
surprise, he did not. He just said,
“Sweetheart, lets go home. We
have had quite a long day, you
and my babies need to rest.” Three months later, he held me
closely and said, “Monica, don’t
be scared. I don’t want to know
who the father of the twins is. I
know whatever you did, you did
to save our marriage and I am very proud of you. I promise to
always love you and my babies. I
promise this will be a secret
between us. I love you
sweetheart. I know we will have
our own children someday.” I wept as he wiped my tears with
his hands. I know what I did was wrong but
at least my mother-in-law is
extremely happy with me, that is
all that matters. Although,
everyone is happy but I feel
guilty that I selfishly used an innocent man to achieve my aim.

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[Story] I slept with my driver just to have children for my husband

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