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[story] How I lost my virginity (complete story)




[story] How I lost my virginity (complete story)

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This isn’t a story of how ‘I dis-virgined a girl rather how ‘I got dis-virgined.

Long ago, okay not too long but before I reshaped my life. I was an introvert, I kept to myself most of the time. My first girlfriend wasn’t the girl I lost my virginity to. Quite frankly, I cannot locate the girl whom I lost my virginity to anymore, shameful isn’t it? The only thing my first girlfriend gave me in abundance was kissing.

I can remember the time when I was ‘toasting’ her, I was shaking like a fish out of water. It wasn’t my fault, then I dint have much exposure to women, I had few interactions with women. I was in a boarding school and our hostel wasn’t mixed. I used to receive love letters back then and I dint know how to reply them. I just dint know what to do with women.

Thankfully, I didn’t spend much time in the boarding school in Ogun state then, I didn’t partake in the bush smooching or forest s#x like my other peers. I was too timid, finishing from school I decided I needed to change. I wanted to be the ladies man, at least to be comfortable around them with the hope that it would eventually help lead me to lose my virginity.

I thought losing my virginity would have been sooner but I had to wait till I was in higher institution for my first s#x. After watching loads of porn, I prepared myself. I surf online and self help dating sites, and boy! They were much; they were all offering virtually the same thing. I read about Don Juan, read almost all the articles on sosauve.com. Those articles were purely based on interactions in the western world, talking about flowers and stuffs, things that can’t work on this side of the world.

The manuals and instructions couldn’t carry me far but they helped me learn a thing or two with women, they helped me prepare. Pick-up lines have always been useless, they spoke about ice breakers which would have been ideal abroad. I read a lot of these articles and the most important part of the exercise is trying them out. My favorite part of the whole experience then was to look at her, pay genuine compliment, study her mood, look for the easiest and most natural way of breaking the ice, and have about 5 follow-up questions to get the conversation started.

I wasn’t a party freak, I couldn’t get any headway then, but in school, I tried it out on a certain fancy chic in my class. It worked. She became my first and only friend in school for about a year then I started having other friends.

Chatting up girls in buses was also one of my favorite past time. I mastered that act like it was going out of business. I exchanged contacts with about 30 girls, and all brewed from conversations with them in our public transports. One of them stood different. I can remember I was going to Yaba, and there was this girl beside me, kind of skinny, average b0*bs and ass. She was seated beside me, her mood was good, I started the conversation with good afternoon which she replied to gladly and we continued to talk till she got down at Palmgrove or so. We exchanged numbers, I was using a Nokia 2100 then.

Boy! Those were the days.

However, there was one terrible flaw with this chic, not sure if it was a flaw or if she was just trying to keep up. Her English was terrible, when I noticed I tried to switch to Pidgin English but she would switch back to proper English. Her English was so terrible that listening to it almost gave me headache. However she later turned out to be the chic who took away my virginity.

After the bus incident, I didn’t call her for about 2 weeks and when I called, she was happy to hear from me regardless. I invited her over and without hesitation she said okay, which was strange, I was hoping she would deny my request.

When she came, we chatted a bit, my student room was made in such a way that, you’d be bored and s#x might just come up, No TV, just books which I dint read, there were there for decoration. ?

It wasn’t my first time of been with a woman, I know how to touch and caress, just that no girl has allowed me into their honeypot yet. The conversation kept coming and our interaction was getting funnier. I also learnt how to touch in those articles, very informative shit. I touched her, one thing led to the other, and before I could tell we were kissing. I used my hand in other places like caressing her b0*bs, putting my hands underneath her top and she was getting aroused herself.

I pulled her top over her head, unhooked her bra and the next thing I saw surprised me, I couldn’t find her nipple, the areola was there, but the nipple was missing, it was just inverted, the nipple was inside her b0*bs inside of sticking outside.


That dint change my mind, I continued sucking her, she kept moaning, I wanted to undo the zip of her jean but she wouldn’t allow me, so I went back to her lips, there was no nipple to twist like a radio’s knob. I went back to sucking on it again. I took my hands down there again; she pushed my hands off and asked if I had a condom….JACKPOT!!! I screamed in my head but I dint have any condom in my room. I was still dressed, so I told her, I would just get it in the second room. My erection was quite visible, so I pulled it up and put it where my belt buckle was to hold it from been visible to everyone.

I ran out of my building to the next aboki shop on my street which was about 10 blocks away. It was crazy, I ran like my life depended on it, well my virginity depended on it then. I got there and there was one elderly lady buying stuff for her grand children, I allowed her finish, then bought 3 packs of Gold Circle condom, back then it was 20 bucks. I ran back home and hoped she hadn’t changed her mind, cursing myself for not having a condom around the house, who does that, I continued to blame myself.

I got home, panting like crazy, I looked at her on the bed, and she had my bed sheet over her. I was hoping she didn’t dress up the instant I left. She saw me panting but dint comment about it, now that I remember, it was actually funny.

I put the condom on the table and went back to kissing her, I lost the erection I had earlier on. Soon I got my erection back, and I yanked everything off, I gave her one condom and she strapped it on for me, I couldn’t believe I was about to lose my virginity, I didn’t seem to care or feel awkward about premature or no premature ejaculation, all I just wanted to have was my first shag.

I continued smooching and kissing her and then I held my dick against her inner thigh, unsure of where to put my dick, she used her hand to guide my dick into her p**sy. It was tight, and been an amateur, I put it in a little and continued f#cking her without my entire shaft going in, In our traditional mummy and daddy style, she grabbed my butt pushed it deeper into her, and that was when I let out a sigh.

It was nothing short of spectacular, the whole of my shaft in there, so this is what s#x feels like, I continued to f#ck her, increasing my pace inside her until finally I exploded into her.

As a naïve asshole, I pulled out of her been scared that condom might break, I saw my own cum flood the condom, kneeling with my head bent in between her legs. We had s#x one more time after that, and that session was way longer than the first one and her scream was louder than the first one

That is the uneventful way I lost my virginity. Funny thing is we never saw each other again after that day. Sadly, I haven’t seen anyone who looks like her till today, maybe she is a ogbanje.

One of the things I’m grateful for is reading those articles those times I did. They opened my eyes on interactions, especially for my bus trips, because I have met a lot of ladies through that means. Some we still talk till today and some I haven’t even seen in a long time, but I fell in love with one and till today, it feels like we just met. So, I took advice on how best to handle your crush.wink

************** THE END ************

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