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Sex: 5 common coitus injuries you need to be warned about



Just like any other strenuous physical activity, sex comes with different hazards of injury and some hurt way more than others.

However, sex requires careful consideration for the organs involved and obviously any reasonable amount of caution.

Below are 5 common sex injuries to look out for.

1. The spicy tongue

This happens when your better half performs cunnilingus or fellatio with a tongue laced with spices. They can have a very “hot” effect on the tenderloins and one should, therefore, brush their teeth before engaging in oral sex immediately after a spicy delicacy.

2. Stuck objects

When you decide to get adventurous with your partner, do it with care. Some partners just want to be creative- with their sex toys. And some of them aren’t “traditional” sex toys and they end up in the Emergency Rooms in major hospitals have reported odd objects getting stuck in people’s rectums. Such as cucumbers. Ensure the correct sex toys are used, lube is sufficiently used and the anus is dilated enough.

3. Chafing

This happens when excessive friction causes the skin to break around the sex organs. When fluids run dry, lube should be your best friend.

4. Penile fracture

This happens when ambitious angles are attempted during sex as the boner can only break when it’s at full mast.

5. Cutting off circulation

This happens when male partners use cock-rings. There should be enough room for blood flow when the ring goes around the erect penis.

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