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Sex: 3 positions for anyone who is really good with their mouth



If your ideal orgasming plot would be a combo of oral and penile penetration happening at once, you don’t necessarily need a third partner, you just need a dildo.

Below are 3 positions to put that mouth to good use.

1. Mouthwash

Lie them face down and explore their entire body using only your mouth. Take your sweet-ass time and tend to every part gently. From the nip of their neck, suck their fingers, and lick your way up their inner thigh. When they’ve earned an orgasm, flip them over and slide a pillow under their hips to finish with oral sex.



2. Eargasm

Sit your partner back and straddle them, but instead of full-on thrusting, gently rock your hips while kissing and sucking your way up their neck, along with their jawline and up to their ears. Suck on an earlobe and whisper filthy things into their ear. The combo of slow sex whispered things, and the feeling of a mouth on the ear — that is The Eargasm.



3. Cup and ball

Your partner sits at the edge of a bed so that their balls are hanging freely over the edge. Take his head in your mouth then suck and swirl your tongue around it, licking the spot just under the head where it meets the shaft. Use one lubed hand to gently but firmly stroke his shaft. Use the other to gently cup his balls or even sort of nudge them a little.

Cup and ball


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