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Sex: 3 mind-blowing positions for multiple orgasms



Yes, you can have multiple orgasms especially if you are using the right techniques and tools.

Here’s how to get on and have multiple orgasms.

1. Rag doll

Lie on your side with a pillow under your head. He kneels by your butt, a knee between your legs so he’s straddling your lower leg, and your upper leg goes over his thigh. Adjust yourself to concentrate on stimulation and when you have an orgasm, shift to another and try again.

Rag doll


2. The bump and grind

Have your partner get on top, then put your legs inside theirs and press them tightly together. Shift down a little so you can grind against the top of their shaft. You do all the moving and his job is not to come yet. For round two, they lift themselves onto their hands so you can rub yourself as they thrust.

The bump and grind


3. Cup holder

Sit on your partner’s lap facing away for orgasm. After, when you think you can’t take anymore, they gently cup your V with their whole hand. As your body parts calm down a little, they move up to slow rub with their whole hand.

Cup holder


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