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Oral Sex: 7 positions you need in your life



A lot of women find it hard to orgasm through penetration alone, and most guys love blowjobs. So to make things fair enough, you both should up your oral sex game.

Try the below positions for that erotic foreplay before the main event begins.

1. Faux deep throating

Start deep throating without stroking in harmony with your mouth or work them in opposite directions. Look up into his eyes and moan if you’re feeling it to cause further damage.

Faux deep throating


2. The feel-good sofa

Let your guy lie upside down on the couch, with his back and head on the seat and his legs hanging over the back. Kneel over his face, facing the back of the couch. Then bend over and enjoy your 69.

The feel good-sofa


3. Corkscrewing

Make your partner stand while you kneel in front of him, then hold the base of his penis with both hands, take him in your mouth, and tilt your head slowly from side to side as you work your way up and down his shaft.



4. Swiper

Allow your partner perform a little suction with their mouth over your clit and labia then shake their head side to slide, in circles, fast or slow. You can also lift your bum on some pillows to give them easy access.



5. Here comes the queen

Start by straddling his head and give yourself a light thigh workout holding yourself a couple inches above his face while he goes down on you. He can reach up and hold onto your butt and hips.

Here comes the queen


6. The oral doggy

This is a hot oral position that puts you in control of the angle and pressure, it’s also a good passage into the world of anilingus if that’s something you’re into.

The oral doggy


7. Supersize me

When he’s close to having an orgasm, stop briefly and tug gently downward on his balls to cool him down. Repeat this till he begs. Press a finger firmly against his shaft as he’s about to come.

Supersize me


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