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Climax: Techniques that can restore your orgasm



You’re in the sexual zone, on the edge of achieving the ultimate. It’s right there and you’re ready to go. And then, all of a sudden, orgasm gone.

It’s pretty much the worst possible thing that can happen to a woman. Most women have been there, and afterward, hope to never return.

However, the most common reason why women get close to reaching orgasm but then ‘lose it,’ is fear of the unknown, or fear of losing control. Typically, this is more of a mental phenomenon than a physical one. Most women are not aware of the fact that they are doing it. So below are some tricks to help you make it all the way to the finish line.

1. Fantasize

You’re masturbating, and you can feel the promise of your orgasm building. Then, suddenly, you remember that you forgot to send an email at work, or that you desperately need to do laundry this week. Suddenly, that orgasm is slipping away, and fast. If you find yourself in this predicament, whether you’re going at it solo or getting it on with your partner, think dirty thoughts. Just stay focused on the act and to facilitate sexual arousal. So keep thinking about what gets you going, and ride that wave all the way to O town.

2. The meditative masturbation

Masturbation or sex should be a form of meditation in its own right. This is your time to relax and do something nice for you. But, again, it can be difficult to focus on the task at hand when your mind is drifting to that overdue assignment or the stack of bills you have yet to pay.

That’s where mindfulness comes in. Meditative masturbation helps you get out of your head and into your body. So the next time you masturbate, really focus on everything you’re doing and try your best to stay fully in the moment. Pay attention to how it feels when you stroke your clitoris in different ways, or when you incorporate some nipple-play into the mix.

3. Stir it up

When it comes to sex, change can often be a good thing. No one ever got off on similarity. If the same constant, steady stimulation is leaving you feeling bored and numb, consider changing it up right before climax. For example, if you’re doing it doggy style, flip over and take control on top. Or if you’re feeling your orgasm start to build during missionary, ask your partner to switch it up, and go down on you until the finale. Sometimes trying something completely different right at that critical moment can shock the body into total bliss.

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