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Climax: Factors that can have serious control over your orgasms



The orgasm gap between men and women differs, while it’s easier for most men to reach orgasm easily, it takes just more than penetrative sex to make your woman attain climax.

Obviously, your bedroom moves matter, but we’re talking everything thing from your anatomy to your sexting skills.

So to keep your sex life steamy, pay attention to these factors that will increase your chances of catching that tricky O.

1. Your relationship status

Your partner does matter when it comes to your chances of orgasming. So whether you’ve found your soul mate or just the absolute perfect hookup buddy is tied to your odds of orgasming. In other words, consider this yet another reason not to settle. If you’re unhappy in your relationship, your sex life might start paying the price.

2. Your focus

Some movies may have us believe that mind-blowing orgasms just happen with just one smoldering look and gentle caress, but it takes a little more concentration. Before the fun starts, take a few mindful moments to decompress from your day. That annoying commentary from your boss? Forget it. Focusing on being present with your partner will make you more likely to O.

3. Your communication skills

Dirty talk aside, how well you communicate in your relationship also plays a big role in your likelihood of reaching the finish line. Explicit and direct communication with one’s partner is key. Three little words, in particular, are linked to your likelihood of orgasming, like saying “I love you” during the action can make you have more frequent Os.

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